Timetreasure Radiance Serum Cushion


A premium anti-aging serum cushion that creates firm, radiant skin courtesy of an enriched formula that delivers a thin and smooth texture infused with skincare substances.

Enjoy anti-aging benefits to the skin even while wearing makeup

Contains Red Treasure™, a powerful and vitality-boosting substance, to deliver the product’s anti-aging benefits as makeup stays on the skin.

Exquisite wrinkle cover benefits courtesy of the Semisphere Cushion Sponge, available exclusively to the Timetreasure Radiance Serum Cushion

The Semisphere Cushion Sponge helps the formula adapt perfectly on the skin with every touch, creating a firm and radiant makeup finish.

Delicately glowing makeup benefits from the luxurious and premium serum texture

The smooth, serum-like texture stays firmly and smoothly across the skin to create a delicately glowing makeup that looks naturally radiant from any angle.

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