Perfecting Foundation SPF17/PA+


[1 November - 31 December Exclusive Set]
Perfecting Foundation 35ml
Gentle Cleansing Oil 50ml
First Care Activating Serum 8ml
Sulwhasoo Gift Box

A skin caring foundation that creates perfect, flawless look as it settles comfortably on your skin!

The refreshing, watery texture hides skin imperfections as soon as it is applied and perfectly corrects the skin texture and tone. It adheres thinly to the skin with a finish without stickiness, keeping makeup in place.

Featuring breathable makeup technology inspired by the traditional Hanji paper combined with Sulwhasoo's unique skincare hybrid formula delivers comfort to the skin without feelings of tightness, keeping it looking healthy and beautiful.

Skin type: All types

Available in 5 shades.
No. 13N Ivory
No. 17N Vanilla
No. 21N Beige
No. 23N Sand
No. 25N Amber

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