[New] Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Emulsion EX 125ml


A resilience-boosting anti-aging lotion that nourishes the skin with skin rejuvenating power of Sulwhasoo's unique Ginsenomics™ formula.

GINSENOMICS™ features the vitalizing energy of Ginseng that is enriched more than 6,000 times 
GINSENOMICS™ is a powerful, active beauty Ginsenoside developed by Sulwhasoo to help minimize visible signs of aging. Sulwhasoo enriches the rarest type of Ginseng Saponin more than 6,000 times1 to produce GINSENOMICS™. It enhances your skin’s ability to regenerate and keep it looking firm and resilient against any external aggressors, reducing wrinkle that have appeared on your skin.

1.5x stronger Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™
Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Emulsion EX features Sulwhasoo's Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™, which contains rich moisturizing and nourishing substances extracted from Ginseng. Steamed Ginseng Water Concentrate™ produced with extreme care using Sulwhasoo’s technology is now 1.5x more powerful compared to its previous iteration, allowing it to create a visibly firmer and healthier skin base.

Soft and flexible milky texture
The resilience of the Concentrated Ginseng Renewing Emulsion EX's formula is noticeable as soon as it touches your fingertips. The texture feels rich and intense immediately upon application, and the milky texture feels soft and supple. The formula spreads smoothly and creates a moisture layer that keeps moisture locked inside the skin.

Immediately upon application2
My skin's oil-moisture balance feels better 96%
My skin feel soft 100% 
My skin feel ready to absorb product used in the next skincare step 97%

After using toner (water) in the morning and evening, dispense an appropriate amount on the palm of your hand, then apply it across your face and along the grain of your skin's texture. 

1Comparison of the rare and precious Ginseng Saponin (CK) content  
2Based on a customer satisfaction survey on 230 Asian women, ages 25-39 (Survey Period: Jan 2021 I Testing Agency: Remotion Co., Ltd. )

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